Atish Lalla – BI Specialist at Standard Bank Group

Atish Lalla a highly talented Business Intelligence Specialist. He has a bachelor’s in Computer Science, is a SETA accredited Life Coach and accomplished Inspirational Speaker. His combined work experience is in the order of twelve years within leading Investment Banks and blue-chip companies. Atish is an information management expert with a well-developed business acumen. This coupled with the rare blend of coaching and speaking skills equip him to be leader in complex problem solving and critical thinking. He is an agile solutionist and influences the way organisations operate in the digital age. 

Atish was diagnosed as a C6/ C7 Quadriplegic in 2004 following a car accident whilst on his way home from work.
His world changed forever as he was told he would never walk, drive or work again and would need a full time care-taker. But doctors didn’t know Atish was an extraordinary person. Atish was determined not to give up. Every day he told himself he would walk again. He knew he would walk again.

Over the last 9 years, he has achieved all the goals he set out to achieve. Today he lives his life with minimal help, and drives himself to and from work every day. There was one goal left to achieve – to walk again. On the 11th of October 2013, with the help of a Bionic walking aid, Atish was able to walk 298 steps for the first time in 9 years.

Currently he is averaging 1800 steps a session, with a personal best of 2003 steps! This is some achievement in its own right as most paraplegics are not achieving these levels.

Having gone through a life changing experience, Atish faced hopelessness but found peace and power through presence. His story encapsulates the power of the human spirit and moved him to inspire others through coaching and speaking – a business he runs parallel with working at Standard Bank.



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