Event Recap – Hope School

The recent event in the series of Disability Connect’s Workplace Readiness events took place at Hope School, where 50 senior students were able to learn more about the working world. With corporate partner Brand South Africa, we provided students with information about opportunities within their company, giving them motivation about the possibilities available to persons with disabilities. 

Hope School prides itself in teaching and motivating their students to lead a life of normalcy, by equipping them with the skill set to focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities. The school works to address the needs of these remarkable children, helping them grow in confidence, gain a measure of independence and reach their full potential.

Occupational Therapist, Pretty Matabula stated, “One of the challenges our students face is the lack of infrastructure and accommodation for them in the workplace, as many companies do not take that into consideration. It extremely important for us to host events like these because the students get to realise that this is not the end, there is definitely life after school and there are companies such as Brand South Africa that are available for them.

Corporate sponsor of the day, Brand South Africa provided the students with a variety of gifts and merchandise throughout the event, exciting the students for their surprise takeaways. Skutulo Matloka, Marketing and Activations Co-ordinator explained the importance Brand South Africa’s partnership with the Disability Connect: Workplace Readiness event, stating, “Our hope and belief is for all corporates to take up these types of opportunities. Corporates need to focus on those who are finishing school by making space for them and making sure that they feel welcomed. Let’s make sure to invest in all students, and inspire them by making their ideas and dreams a reality. We call upon all corporates to join us as Brand South Africa to ensure that we cater for the needs of persons with disabilities.”

About Brand South Africa:

Brand South Africa was established in August 2002 to help create a positive and compelling brand image for South Africa. The organisation works to clearly communicate and identify the reputation, competitiveness, and perceptions of South Africa, both domestically as well as in key international markets. Brand South Africa has the unique task of constructing the South African Nation Brand image through marketing and branding, communications, stakeholder outreach, as well as its research activities. Brand South Africa’s mandate requires that they maintain and create a Nation Brand that inspires its people and is admired globally.

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