Mandela Day – QASA needs your hands

Mandela Day is all about taking action and inspiring change to better our communities. While one might conquer up glamours ideas of giving back, real change often takes hard, mundane work.

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) is in need of hands to assist with sorting bottle tops and bread tags for recycling. It might not be Instagram-able, but the sorting and recycling of tops and tags enables QASA to donate wheelchairs to those in need.

A wheelchair can make all the difference to a person with a mobility impairment. Often those who are unable to walk easily or at all remain confined to their homes – especially in improvised communities. A wheelchair offers them more freedom to move around, independence to do things for themselves and enables them to better participate in society. They can enjoy a much better quality of life.

As a bonus, by collecting, sorting and recycling bread tags and bottle tops, we are redirecting valuable plastic from our landfills to reduce our waste and take better care of our planet. It only takes 50 kgs of bread tags or 450 kgs of bottle tops to fund one chair.

So, why not spend your Mandela Day doing the hard work that makes a difference? Join QASA at 17 Hamilton Crescent, Gillitts, Durban, on Monday, 18 July, to sort bottle tops and bread tags. Refreshments will be available.

For more information, contact the organisation on 031 767 0352 or send an e-mail to



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