Online mental health course for people with intellectual disability

The Able-Minded X series offered by The University of Queensland, Australia, aims to increase understanding of mental-health issues and ethical decision making for people with intellectual disabilities. This course focuses on mental health by teaching us about the complexities of diagnosing mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities as well as how we would go about diagnosis using screenings and assessments. Furthermore, the course looks at treatment and the legal and ethical complexities of health care with regards to patients who might need substituted consent in order to make decisions about their own care. The legal and ethical issues discussed here provide valuable knowledge for students who are thinking about careers in human rights and are interested in how legislation might help disabled individuals to have a role in the decision-making process. The course is made up of 12 units which you can preview on the course page. With 1-2 hours of study per week, the entire course will take you 5 weeks and you can access all the content for free. You can also add a verified certificate for 49 USD.


Mental health and disorders

  • Mental health disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder

Assessment and screening

  • Screening and assessing mental health
  • Seeking help
  • Understanding assessment – children
  • Screening and assessment of mental illness in people with intellectual disability

Challenged or challenging?

  • Assessment and management of challenging behaviour
  • Identifying challenging behaviour
  • Emotion
  • Behaviour and children
  • Distress

What management and when?

  • Treatment of mental health issues
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Teamwork
  • H.E.L.P.
  • Management
  • Psychotropic medications 8.0 Mental health and well-being
  • Introduction
  • Collaborative well-being
  • Across sectors
  • Transitions

Patient rights and ethical dilemmas

  • Patient rights
  • Value
  • Equity
  • Meaning
  • End of Life


  • Mental wellness
  • Evaluation
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