Calling All CEOs – You’ve Been Challenged To Spend A Day In A Wheelchair !

March is Intellectual Disability Awareness Month and to raise awareness, Little Eden is calling on all CEOs to spend a day in a wheelchair and donate R50 000 to help the organisation continue caring for people with intellectual disabilities.

Now in its fourth year, the CEO Wheelchair Challenge enables business leaders to discover first hand what life is like for people with disabilities. This unique experience is guaranteed to forever change a person’s perception of what life is like for wheelchair users.

Disabled child in standing frame
Bright certainly lives up to his name with that enormous smile.

Eight-year-old Bright is one of 300 children and adults at Little Eden with profound intellectual disability coupled with physical disabilities. He spends every day in a wheelchair, but lacks the strength and ability to propel himself. Bright is entirely dependent on others for mobility and all his other needs.

The organisation’s dedicated carers feed him, bath him, dress him, brush his teeth and change his nappy as often as necessary. He also participates in stimulation programmes, speech, physio and music therapy to enable him to make the most of life, despite his limitations.

As you can imagine, this level of care is costly. And over 70% of the children and adults at Little Eden have been abandoned or come from indigent families who can’t afford to contribute financially towards their care. On top of this we now have the extra costs of sanitiser and PPE to keep staff and residents safe from Covid-19.

How does the cEO wheelchair Challenge work?

Little Eden CEO Xelda Rohrbeck having fun with a couple of tiny residents.

You’ll be provided with a wheelchair and invited to spend any work day during March in the chair. Please share your experience on social media to help create awareness of the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities – and challenge others to participate as you have.

Your company will gain valuable tax and BBBEE benefits. Plus you’ll contribute to improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society – children and adults with profound intellectual disability.

If you’re still not convinced, listen to what Adrian Gore, CEO of Discovery Limited has to say about the campaign:

Discovery Limited is just one of the influential companies that have supported the campaign since its inception in 2018. Others include Multotec, Mix Telematics, Mandate Molefe, Boake Inc, Flender and Munsoft. This year, why not add your company’s name to these?

To add your voice and give the gift of accessibility, call Zai Miller on 011 609 7246 or email:

And if you can’t accept the challenge in your current work environment, please consider making a donation of any amount towards the care of Little Eden’s special “angels”.




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