Dementia South Africa

DementiaSA was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation in 2006. We encourage and promote the principles of person-centred care. In a short period of time, DementiaSA has become the ‘go-to’ organisation for people needing help, information, support, training and counselling. The organisation trains care-givers and professionals (social workers, OT’s, GP’s and other allied health care workers) in the specialised skills required to look after people living with dementia and resultant memory and cognitive disabilities.  Our social workers assist families with a number of range of services including identifying warning signs, why assessments are needed, what an assessment entails, challenges experienced by family members, support groups, educational material, medico-legal decisions, and in some case, guidelines to select a care facility. For many people and families, DementiaSA is the only support they have when someone in their family faces this insidious disease.

Contact number: 0860636679 / ‘021-421-0077
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