Finding rewarding careers for those who need them

Job placement programs across the country are providing an under-served population with the opportunity to pursue a rewarding and productive career that will potentially pay more than other employment offers. Warehouse jobs typically pay entry-level employees higher wages than those working outside the industry receive.

For example,  the non-profit organization Shelby Residential and Vocational Services in Memphis has connected about 150 people with disabilities to warehouse jobs that fit their best skills, according to the Memphis Daily News.

Because warehouse jobs can vary greatly, it is easy to find work for anyone at any skill level. For SRVS, some employers are even willing to create new jobs for those seeking employment to better match their abilities. The result is higher productivity for employers and providing employees with an engaging job they can enjoy.

One of those placed in a warehouse through SRVS, a 19-year-old woman named Alexis Johnson, told the Memphis Daily News, “I thank God I got a job. It was something I worried about.”

In some cases, warehouse managers themselves try to find and hire people with disabilities who are otherwise unemployed or underemployed to give them opportunities working in the industry. According to the Daily Herald, a warehouse called Planet Access Co. aims to have people with disabilities make up 20 percent of its workforce.

People living with disabilities who are looking for work should consider searching for warehouse employment to find a great job in a growing industry.



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