Little Eden Society & Evac+Chair SA appeal to CEOs

Little Eden Society and Evac+Chair South Africa are joining forces to collaborate on the Annual Little Eden Society CEO Wheelchair Campaign® aimed at raising awareness of the daily challenges faced by people with intellectual disabilities.

Image: Germiston City News

The CEO Wheelchair Campaign® encourages CEOs of corporations and any business to sign up and spend a day at work or home office in a wheelchair to raise awareness and make a financial donation whilst showing compassion towards those who live with a disability. 

Through this partnership, Little Eden and Evac+Chair will work together to reach more CEOs and encourage them to participate in the campaign. Evac+Chair has previously donated an evacuation chair that aims to help evacuate people, including those with disabilities, during emergency situations. The organisation will now help spread awareness of the CEO Wheelchair Campaign® to its extensive network.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Little Eden and support their important work to help raise awareness for people with intellectual disabilities,” said Gavin Glass, CEO of Evac+Chair South Africa. “We believe that everyone deserves equal access and opportunities, and we hope that our collaboration will help make that a reality.”

As a non-profit organisation that supports individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Little Eden Society is dedicated to enhancing the lives of those it supports. The CEO Wheelchair Campaign®, held every year in March to coincide with National Intellectual Disability Awareness Month, has gained significant traction in recent years, with many high-profile CEOs taking part in the challenge.

CEO of Little Eden, Xelda Rohrbeck, who also spent a workday in a wheelchair said that the organisation hoped to reach its target of R1.5 million through this initiative which will go towards the care of 300 residents at the Home. “Sitting in the wheelchair for a day, gives you a different perspective, and better understanding of the limitations that your office holds and at the same time advocating for the rights of people with physical and in the LITTLE EDEN context intellectual disability,” Rohrbeck added.

The objective of the campaign is to raise 1.5 million that will go towards the care of supporting Little Eden residents by 31 March 2023. Large companies are encouraged to donate R55 000 whilst smaller companies can donate R35 000.

The CEO of Evac+Chair, Gavin Glass also adds that Little Eden has been tirelessly supporting individuals living with intellectual disabilities as this is now their sixth annual CEO Wheelchair campaign. “For those who are unable to donate, they are encouraged to spend a work day in a wheelchair or through advocacy,” adds Gavin.

The partnership between Little Eden Society and Evac+Chair is an important step forward in promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. With their joint efforts, they hope to reach more CEOs and raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

As a society, we all have a responsibility to support those who live with intellectual disabilities. These individuals face unique challenges in their daily lives and require our empathy, understanding, and support. Gavin further adds that people can play their part in supporting those who live with intellectual disabilities by educating themselves more about the condition and the challenges faced by those who live with them, showing empathy, volunteering their time at a local organisation that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities and being an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities. For more information on how to get involved in the CEO Wheelchair campaign, visit Little Eden Society’s and for more information about Evac+Chair South Africa



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