This Mandela Month- Capitec Bank Announces its corporate social investment (CSI) initiative!

This Mandela Month, Capitec Bank, announces its corporate social investment (CSI) initiative, #MakeADifference. The campaign, which spotlights the bank’s goal to help South African citizens live better, is also a celebration of 20 years of Capitec’s commitment to driving inclusivity within banking for millions of South Africans. It will be run in partnership with philanthropist BI Phakathi and hip hop artist K.O. The campaign aims to inspire audiences to have a positive impact in their communities through small acts of kindness.

Helping the community

Neptal Khoza, Head of Corporate Social Investment at Capitec Bank, says, “For the last 20 years, we have been committed to helping South Africans live better. Our new #MakeADifference campaign stays true to our philosophy to make a positive social impact through the work we do.

“By partnering with BI and K.O, we believe we can achieve amazing things! It’s powerful to hear about the wonderful work people are doing in their communities. We hope this campaign encourages individuals to share these stories of hope and goodwill.”


To launch the campaign, Capitec supported 37-year-old Zikhaya Sithole who was left with 3rd-degree burns, after he plunged into a burning shack to save the lives of two toddlers who were trapped inside a flame engulfed structure in Orange Farm. Capitec will support Sithole with the basic human needs he requires to regain his independence. Through his act of selflessness, Sithole’s efforts led to burns on his face, arms, hands, and his legs as well as affected his eyesight. The injuries caused by his courageous efforts has left him unable to work.

Mr Zikhaya Sithole accepts generous donation from Capitec, K.O & BI Phakathi

To get involved, social media users can share or upload their own good deeds using #MakeADifference, as well as mention Capitec and #MakeADifference when they spot an opportunity to do good and thereby driving a movement of “good deeds”.

“Being part of this campaign is an extension of my purpose and the work I already do,” says BI Phakathi, who regularly posts the good deeds of both himself and others across his social media platforms. “I love the sense of being able to make someone’s day, to be able to put a smile on their face with just one small gesture.”

Adds K.O: “It’s extremely important for me to uplift and give back to my community. Capitec has provided me with yet another avenue to pursue this passion and I hope that audiences will engage and participate by sharing their actions that #MakeADifference.”

Solutions to societal challenges

The campaign will furthermore shed light on societal challenges and potential solutions to some of the systemic issues that communities face, with a view to impacting women, children, and education specifically. By bringing awareness to how one individual’s actions can impact an entire community, the bank hopes to unlock possibilities for solutions and offer a stepping stone to solving some of the issues South Africa faces.

“Our world has become increasingly intertwined across all spheres of society.  When you enable one individual, you can touch the lives of an entire community,” concludes Khoza.

Watch the full video here.

Follow the #MakeADifference campaign on BI Phakathi’s Instagram and Twitter, as well as K.O’s Instagram and Twitter platforms.



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