Supporting people with memory problems or learning difficulties is possible with a range of helpful tools and technology. This includes TimeCue, which enables a verbal reminder when needed.

TimeCue is an excellent memory aid for people with dementia or for people with learning difficulties and allows you to record a single message and set the clock to play back at a pre-set times. For example, record “Time to take your medication” and set the clock to play the message at 7a.m. This device also requires a pen tip to record, so messages will not easily be erased or mis-recorded. TimeCue features a digital clock, and the messages are not lost even if the batteries run low. It is light, sleek and folds fat to fit neatly in your pocket or purse. This is an easy and effective way to encourage independence at school, home or in the community.

The price is R280 excluding VAT and delivery.

For more information go to www.inclusivesolutions.co.za/assistivetechnology.

Please note that this is not a standard stock item and is imported

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