May 20, 2020

Sparrow Schools

Sparrow Foundation School offers accredited teaching from Grade 1 to 7. The Foundation School, an independent LSEN primary school, forms part of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust, founded by Jackie in 1992 as a response to the demand for specialised, learner-centred education for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as those with remedial needs. Contact

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Japari School

Japari addresses the education of students who have not found true success in traditional schools, and whose learning needs depend on personal instruction and unique teaching methods. Our multi-faceted environment incorporates not only academics, but also offers a full sporting and cultural programme. Contact number: 0116462132Email Address:

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Boost Academy

Boost Academy Johannesburg is a unique educational centre that caters for children from grade 1 to grade 9. At the beginning of 2018, the Boost Primary and Middle schools moved into a beautiful, new, spacious and welcoming campus. The benefits of having a Primary School and Middle School on one campus are marvelous. Contact number:

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The Halmlet Place of Hope

The Hamlet Foundation is an NGO founded in 1954. We have grown and developed to include a school for 270 intellectually disabled children, a residential centers for 54-60 intellectually disabled adults and a protective workshop for 200 intellectually disabled adult worker Contact number: 011 613-8121Email Address:

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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

The Disability Unit (DU), located within the Student Affairs Division, aims to assist students and staff with disabilities by: Establishing reasonable accommodations and support systems: increasing awareness about and advocating for persons with disability. increasing awareness of the abilities of persons with disabilities amongst staff and students, thus providing persons with disability with an equal

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