Engage, Develop, Grow and Empower with Grow Right

Creating meaningful impact and changing lives is what Corporate Training and Development company Grow Right Edge Solutions is all about.  With over 10 years hands on experience in the Training and Development Industry, Grow Right Edge Solutions was created with a passion to transform and drive the Economy of tomorrow. Everything they do is based on the principles of Engage, Develop, Grow and Empower, giving them the real “EDGE”.

“Our vision is to radically reduce the unemployment rate, creating equal, safe and sustainable working environments for all South Africans,” says founder and Grow Right CEO Michelina De Benedictis, who after years of working within the corporate and training environment, decided to start her own company in order to really make a difference.


“We believe that the jobs of tomorrow are evolving, and so too should the skills development delivery of today,” she says. Grow Right strives to ensure that the South African workforce stay engaged by offering a framework for leaders to futureproof the skills of their people and organisations. 

Opportunities for persons with disabilities

One of Grow Right’s passions is enabling opportunities for persons with disabilities.

“Persons with disabilities in South Africa have a vital role to play in our economy and are a productive and valued asset to any company. At Grow Right we not only provide the necessary recruitment services and learnerships for persons with disabilities, but we also promote disability awareness within the workplace and encourage an atmosphere of acceptance within corporate South Africa,” Michelina says.

Grow Right learnerships provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to obtain accredited qualifications and pursue successful careers. Through Disability Awareness and Sensitisation Workshops, Grow Right assists both individuals with disabilities as well as employees within organisations and companies to be sensitised towards acceptance and debunking the myths that might exist about employees with disabilities.

Course content includes insight into types of disabilities, breaking barriers, ethics and terminology, reasonable accommodation and accessibility and disclosure principles.

Harness learning to stay in the game

“Disruption in any industry is a process, not a onetime event. With so much change on the horizon it is imperative that organisations harness learning to stay in the game by developing effective, impactful, learning solutions that keep pace with technology and change learning behaviour. Given the opportunities of radical economic transformation and the future, Grow Right Edge Solutions further seeks to help reduce unemployment by imparting skills to the youth to make them employable.

“The Grow Right philosophy to Engage, Develop, Grow and Empower is founded on inspiring trust through service excellence and quality delivery.”

Michelina says.
The ‘why’ behind all of Grow Right’s interventions

Most learning and development interventions are born from symptoms or areas of concern observed within the workplace. “Take an area such as EQ, the inability to effectively manage conflict or lack of assertiveness for example. All too often, a business will send their employees on a one- or two-day programme with the hope that this will result in behaviour change,” Michelina explains.

While the intentions are admirable, unless the root cause of this type of somatic behaviour is addressed, the intervention itself becomes counterproductive.

“This is why we focus so strongly on personal mastery. We need to apply so much more than a temporary band aid to truly impact behaviour,”

she says.
The Grow Right offering

Besides Recruitment and Disability Awareness, Grow Right also offers Corporate Training and Development including accredited learnerships, certified business professional offerings and short courses. Grow Right is also able to implement online Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Learnerships through their Learner Management System as well as the full Microsoft suite online which is compatible on any mobile device – enabling real learning at your fingertips whenever, wherever. Corporate Empowerment Strategies, Employee Work Readiness Programmes, Corporate Culture, Staff Engagement and Performance Building Strategies and Coaching tops off an already impressive list of offerings from this dynamic young start up.

Go to http://growright.co.za/ to learn more about Grow Right and their passion to transform and drive tomorrow’s economy.



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