Parents in Alexandra encouraged to empower their disabled children

Ithabeleng Organisation for Disability (IO4D) founder Joseph Setlhake has criticised the some Alexandra parents who lock their disabled children up in their homes. He calls it an “archaic practice”.

Chatting to Sipho Siso of Alex News earlier this month, Setlhake said, “Disabled children are not items for concealment.” He emphasised that children with disabilities are just as good as their abled peers, with the same curiosity and desire to enjoy life.

IO4D offers hope

“If both the child and parents are not confident enough, it is the more reason why they should come and see us. We will talk to all of them and educate them to bring back and build that self-esteem,” he says.

Setlhake questions how these children will be able to make a sound economic or social contribution in the future if they have no confidence to face the world and all it will inevitably throw at them.

“Bring the children to Ithabeleng and we will take care of all the confidence issues that afflict them,” he said.
“There are many disabled people that have excelled in various spheres of economic life.”

Get in touch

Contact Ithabeleng Organisation for Disability on 078 655 7326 or find them at 115 19th Avenue, Alexandra, Johannesburg.

Source: Alex News



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