Pargo partners with CTG for Mandela Day

Pargo has announced that it has teamed up with social enterprise Clothes To Good (CTG) for 2022’s Mandela Day theme in order to do a nationwide donation drive.

The duo is challenging everyone to get involved. CTG says that any preloved clothes, bedding, shoes or other textiles are welcomed as donations.

CTG is a textile recycling and disability empowerment organisation that sources clothing and textile waste from schools, volunteer programmes and popular retailers, including H&M.

This is to create employment opportunities for women, mothers of children with disabilities and people living with disabilities.

“Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are,” says the duo.

The partnership says that it strongly aligns with Pargo’s mission to create an inclusive e-commerce environment through its nationwide pickup point network, allowing everyone to shop online and receive and return their orders regardless of where they live.

“We often get requests from people all over the country who want to make donations to CTG but we haven’t been able to easily collect from them due to logistics constraints,” says Jacerenda Naidoo, managing director at Clothes To Good.

Naidoo adds, “That’s why we are so excited about this partnership with Pargo for Mandela Month as it will give more people an opportunity to make their donation by simply visiting their choice of Pargo Points located across the country.”

The two brands come together at a critical time as the rising cost of living and fuel continues to soar, says the duo. Pargo’s easy return solution allows customers to drop off their online orders at a participating nearby Pargo Point, making donating to CTG easier.

“We are offering South Africans the opportunity to do their part for Mandela Month by donating their preloved clothes at our Pargo Points for upcycling and recycling by Clothes To Good,” says Derk Hoekert, co-founder of Pargo.

Hoekert concludes, “While building our new returns solution, we quickly realised that there is so much potential for an effective reverse logistics product even beyond the e-commerce landscape, which makes us even more excited about this partnership.”

To donate, individuals need to:

  • create a return order online here
  • choose your preferred Pargo Point
  • safely package your donation, and
  • drop it off when you’re ready.

The donation drive will run for the month of July. Any textiles qualify as donations; however, each parcel has a weight limit of five kilograms.

For more information, visit You can also visit Pargo on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.



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