Putting Disability on the global agenda

“I’ve Advocated for Disability Rights for Over 2 Decades. Here is Why I Joined Global Citizen’s Fight for Justice and Equity. Advocacy is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. We advocate for our survival.”

Eddie Ndopu is a South African activist and a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocate who has worked closely with Amnesty International and the World Economic Forum.

Ndopu is seeking to join forces with the UN, world leaders, and the private sector to establish a Global Access Fund — with the goal of mobilizing at least $1 billion to boost existing initiatives in countries around advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Decade of Action to achieve the Global Goals by 2030. 

Here, Ndopu shares his journey into activism, putting disability on the global agenda, and how his ideas of activism, what it is, and what it can be have evolved through his journey. 

You can read more from the In My Own Words series here. And you can sign up to join the Global Citizen movement in taking action to defeat poverty and defend the planet in a way that’s equitable for all here

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