The London Marathon with a disability

Taking in the main tourist sights of London is a weeklong endeavour. Ipeleng Khunou managed it in just under eight hours running the London Marathon….on crutches.

Ipeleng was born without balance, a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia, which affects his eyesight. His love of sport has seen him participate in long distance running having run the Soweto Marathon and the Two Oceans Marathon in the open category, competing against abled runners since there is no category for competitors on crutches.

Ipeleng runs marathons to raise awareness for those with disabilities and documents his achievements on social media platforms under the handle @ckrazylegz

His main goal is to lobby for the category of running with crutches to be recognised by the international governing bodies of long-distance running, as well as the International Paralympic Committee.

Ipeleng spoke to Disability Connect about his experience in London, his ambitions to complete the six major world marathons (London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Boston, Chicago), and his fund-raising efforts, running monthly fun runs with celebrities and schools for learners with disabilities.



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