Too cool for S-Cool

Too cool for S-Cool – the new carry-on by Smergos 

The durable S-Cool Bag is designed to carry textbooks, notebooks, laptops, files, stationery and more. It is specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind – which makes it a far better choice than a backpack.

Use it at school, college and university, in PE class and on school trips .

S-Cool Bag fits onto the back of a wheelchair with adjustable loops that slip over the handles and support most of the bag’s weight. An additional velcro strap fits around the back of the wheelchair seat to prevent it from swinging to and fro on inclines as well as for safety purposes. The S-Cool Bag is padded with a divider in the inside of the bag to ensure your belongings are protected.

There is a pencil case in the front of the bag with a clear, plastic cover under which name tags, timetables and so on can be slipped.

A light cushion flaps over the back rest of the wheelchair for extra support and comfort. The cushion can easily be removed by unzipping it from the back of the S-Cool Bag, should you not wish to use it. An adjustable shoulder strap allows for abled-bodied people to carry the bag as well. The shoulder strap can also easily be removed by unclipping it, should you not wish to use it.

Key benefits

Greater mobility, independence, convenience and comfort

Frees-up hands

Improves self-confidence by equipping users to become more self-reliant while taking responsibility for their own belongings

When displaying a school emblem, the bag instils a sense school pride and belonging

Material strengths

Water resistant




41cm x 33cm x 12cm

Additional velcro strap around back of wheelchair seat: minimum 25cm length; maximum length 60cm





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